Supporting learning

As governments work to develop and improve the English language proficiency of their citizens, they also look to up-to-date technology to help that process and to support learning.

CATs provides accessible language learning solutions, which motivate learners and demonstrate successful outcomes. This means that CATs can help educational institutions, employers monitor and improve standards cost-effectively and efficiently across all age groups and levels of ability. The flexibility of the system allows CATs to be used by:

  • Class teachers as the basis for an English language course.
  • Educational institutions to supplement a course they are already offering.
  • Employers who wish to improve the language competence of their staff.

CATs and the Common European Framework of Reference

The CATs system is benchmarked to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels – the widely recognised international standard for language learning.

CATs tracking and reporting

Throughout the assessment and learning process, the CATs system captures data which shows the real-time progress of individual learners, classes, institutions and regions. Data is updated every 24 hours and is made available via a reporting dashboard to:

  • Class teachers, who see all data for their own classes.
  • Institution heads, who see all data for the classes at their institution.
  • Regional heads, who access all data for institutions in their region.
  • Government users, who access all data for regions in their jurisdiction.

The CATs reporting system can be used for planning, monitoring, evaluating and target-setting. Information is available as a series of reports on progress and improvement in ability, measured on the CATs scale and aligned to the CEFR:

Placement test report:

An at-a-glance overview of performance in the placement test.

Materials progress report:

A snapshot of learner progress through the course as a percentage of material covered and total time spent to date as well as an average for the previous seven days.

Improvement report:

A comparison of learner performance in the placement test with their performance in the final test.

The CATs system makes a positive contribution to the learning process and delivers measurable improvement for students who engage with the learning materials.

”Learners who complete one to two CATs Steps a year throughout their schooling are likely to improve their overall language proficiency by between one and two whole CEFR levels.”