StepCheck is for educational institutions

Mastering the English language has a significant impact on the future of today’s global learners.

Here’s how you can use CATs StepCheck

  • With learners of all ages from upper primary to higher education.
  • As part of your learner selection, admission, placement and graduation processes.
  • To measure and support learner progress and achievement over time.
  • For teacher and staff selection, training and development.
  • To make comparisons between leaners and classes as a current snapshot and over time.
  • To link to the whole CATs eco-system once the learners’ level of ability is understood, CATs learning and assessment materials can be used to make measurable improvements against the baseline.

Take a step in the right direction with CATs StepCheck

Other tests are less reliable, some only test grammar and vocabulary, most do not test all four skills and no other test provides instant results for speaking and writing. CATs StepCheck is new. CATs StepCheck is different. CATs StepCheck is an ethical choice. CATs StepCheck gives you the highest quality for the lowest price.